when i was younger nobody wanted to mess with me and my squad

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David Beckham and his sons get GOLD slimed after he accepts the 2014 KCS GOLDEN blimp!

i bet this is the color of his sperm.

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real nostalgia.

all the songs that got you through your seventh grade emo phase.


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real quick

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Similar here

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When you’re in the middle of writing a sentence and accidently press send


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Beyoncé & Jay Z for the On The Run Tour Book by Mason Poole


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sometimes i look at my blog and just


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privileged people: the problem isnt the actual problem!! the problem is that youre not reacting to the problem the way i feel you should be reacting to the problem!! even though im not experiencing the problem in any way therefore i really shouldnt dictate the way the problem should be solved but--- HEY LISTEN TO ME YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME THATS EQUALITY!!!
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Guess who goes back to school tomorrow?

Not me.


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